Calgary Firefighters Association

Established 1917 · IAFF Local 255



(Support After Fires and Emergencies)

Imagine, just for a moment, that your family home has had a fire in the middle of the night. Your family escaped unharmed but everything you own was left behind as you quickly escaped. You are alive, but your personal belongings have been destroyed by fire, water and smoke. Very little, if anything, is salvageable.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you earn a living as a driver of a semi-truck, travelling constantly across Canada. Your truck is your home. All of your belongings, including your loyal and faithful dog, travels with you wherever you go. A fire starts in the cab of your truck. You are able to escape but sadly your dog did not and all of your possessions are lost in the fire.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are a single mother living on a tight budget and have been involved in a car accident. Now you are left with the difficult task of having to find the funds to replace your child’s car seat as the seat was involved in the accident and must be replaced, and you unfortunately do not have the funds or the insurance to cover that extra expense.

These examples are unfortunately true stories which have happened very recently in our city, and have affected regular, everyday citizens.

The Calgary Firefighters Charitable Foundation (CF²) saw a need within our community and has initiated the SAFE (Support After Fires and Emergencies) program. Following an incident, things are stressful, overwhelming, and surreal as you sort out what has happened and what to do next. Mentally and physically listing every single item you owned and have now lost is a very difficult task. You will need some assistance with direction, emotional support, and in some cases you will need financial support. It is critical to have some extra support during the initial few days of a crisis.

The Calgary Firefighters Charitable Foundation (CF²) is a CRA registered charity that has been created by the Calgary Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 255. With a membership of more than 1350 firefighters, we focus on assisting our citizens in their times of need.

By delivering a care pack within 24 hours of an incident that contains items such as a backpack, water, mints, a receipt holder, tissues, pen & paper and essential toiletry items, we hope to ease some of the anxiety that you will be feeling.

Our mission is to make Calgary a better place through our strong values of selflessness, generosity, community, compassion, adaptability and resiliency. We will be there to help and guide our fellow citizens through the first few days following a personal disaster.