Calgary Firefighters Association

Established 1917 · IAFF Local 255

Calgary Firefighters Civic Memorial 


Calgary has lost 69 firefighters in the Line of Duty, nine during active firefighting and 60 due to illnesses related to firefighting. To honour our city’s fallen firefighters, the Calgary Firefighters and their Honour Guard hold an annual ceremony on the second Tuesday in September at the City of Calgary Municipal Building, in the Police Officers and Firefighters Tribute Plaza.

Police Officers and Firefighters Tribute Plaza

To pay tribute to Calgary’s police officers and firefighters who have lost their lives in the Line of Duty, the Police Officers and Firefighters Tribute Plaza opened in Jan. 2006 in front of Calgary’s Municipal Building on Macleod Trail. The most striking feature of the Plaza is the three-story-tall monument Walls of Memory/Lantern of Light which features stone-clad walls covered in historic photographs at the base of a tower of steel and coloured glass that opens to the sky.